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We provide certificate course for Advanced PV solar system design & installation along with the practical online training.

Our trainers provide hands-on system design instruction for people seeking employment in the solar industry, as well as companies that want to grow or establish in-house solar design departments.
The goal of this training course is to give students an in-depth exposure to the numerous considerations involved in the design and permitting of both residential and commercial Photovoltaic (PV) systems. Students will learn how to generate system designs and supporting documentation for solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems which includes production of plans for building permit applications and construction, specification of solar equipment and components, design of systems, and mechanical and electrical points of connection for grid-tied Photovoltaic (PV) system.

Other topics include site analysis, system sizing, array configuration, and performance estimation; electrical design characteristics such as wiring, overcurrent protection, and grounding; a detailed look at module and inverter specifications and characteristics; mounting methods for various roof structures and ground mounts; and an introduction to safely and effectively commissioning grid¬-direct PV systems.

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Grid-tied advanced PV System Design

1. System Sizing and Design Considerations.
2. PV Module Specification and Design Considerations.
3. Inverter Specification and Design Considerations.
4. BOS (Balance of System) Specification and Design Considerations.
5. Mounting System Specification and Structural Design Considerations.
6. Conductor Calculations and Wire Sizing.
7. Array Design and String Sizing Calculations.
8. NEC Overview: Guidelines, Conduit Fill Derating, and Temperature Derating Calculations.
9. Inverter Calculations and Sizing.
10. Point of Connection Calculations and Design Considerations.
11. Grounding Conductor Calculations and Sizing.
12. Array Spacing, Shading, and Shadowing Design Considerations.
13. Voltage Drop Calculation and Design Considerations.
14. Tools: Sol metric Sun Eye, Solar Pathfinder, Calculator, Compass and Degrees of Incline.
15. Plan Set, Permitting, & Fire Code Requirements.
  • We also conduct practical training in workshop where students receive an introductory level hands-on experience through the opportunity to work on lab kits. Students will wire a grid-direct system, including the inverter, disconnects, racking, and grounding, using commercially available components and small PV modules.

    Our trainers are industry professionals with extensive real-world knowledge and expertise through which they share the practical field experiences and real time scenarios with students

pv system installation training in pune, Mumbai, nagpur

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